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Quality Sewer Cleaning Services in Kansas

sewer cleaning
There are few events more disruptive to the daily routine than a clogged sewer pipe. An untreated clog may result in a burst pipe or a sewage backup that may damage property and lead to costly repairs. The Butler Group specializes in sewer cleaning for residential, commercial and industrial sites in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Our company provides fast and efficient sewer service that delivers a thorough cleanout to solve issues and prevent further problems. Drain and sewer problems may be difficult to manage without professional help. When necessary, we unclog pipes using the most up-to-date and appropriate rooters, snakes and augers.

Identifying Drainage Problems in Kansas & Oklahoma

The cause of a problem may not be immediately visible, but when there is an issue, there may be some recognizable signs that something is wrong. An obvious red flag is a bad smell coming from the drains, or a toilet that backs up frequently. Varying levels of water in the bowl may indicate that something is amiss.
We also offer the following services:
  • Trenchless line replacement – Replacement of sewer lines without digging up your beautiful lawn
  • Traditional line replacement – Depending on the configuration of your pipes and property you may need traditional sewer line replacement
  • Leak detection and testing – We detect cracked or leaky pipes and repair or replace them
  • Sewer line locating – Finding the exact location of the sewer line is essential for repairs
  • Drain and sewer cleaning – Clearing drains and sewer lines for properly working plumbing systems
  • Hydrojetting services – High-pressure hoses and water clears drains with ease
  • Sewer line cleaning/repair/replace – No matter the problem with your sewer we can fix it
  • Inline video inspection – This process pinpoints the obstruction for fast and thorough repair

Fast & Reliable Service

The Butler Group offers the experience needed to get the job done in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Whether the situation calls for the removal of an obstruction or mold remediation, we can help. Our trained staff brings a friendly professional attitude to every situation. Give us a call at 866-737-0711 to get things flowing again.